Current Exhibition "Spring Passage, Madeline Martin"




"Spring Passage, Madeline Martin': A Whimsical Journey Through Art and Femininity at Soho's Flou Showroom. Presented by Denote Gallery

Denote Gallery, in its mission to innovate the contemporary art scene, is honored to present "Spring Passage," an exhibition that not only highlights the luminous talent of Madeline Martin but also encapsulates the essence of her artistic journey. This exhibition, situated in the heart of Soho and in collaboration with the modern Italian furniture and textiles company Flou, serves as a canvas for Martin's exploration of movement, femininity, and the joyous interplay of polarities.

Madeline Martin's work is a celebration of dynamism and whimsy, deeply influenced by a diverse array of cultural icons—from the ethereal compositions of NYC ballet composer George Balanchine to the expressive strokes of American abstract painter Cy Twombly, and the soulful melodies of Hawaiian slack key musician Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. It's this eclectic blend of influences that imbues her art with a unique vibrancy, making each piece a testament to her whimsical and dynamic style.

"Spring Passage" offers a narrative that weaves through the delicate balance of masculine and feminine energies, a theme central to Martin's oeuvre. Her adept use of bold lines and contrasting colors crafts a visual tension that speaks to the complex interplay of these forces, while the softness in the curves and the intricate details of her work add a layer of grace and elegance, reminiscent of a dancer's poise.

A cornerstone of Madeline's philosophy is the belief in art as an extension of play—a medium through which adults can reclaim a sense of childlike wonder and curiosity. This exhibition, therefore, is not just a showcase of art; it's an invitation to immerse oneself in a world where creativity reigns supreme, where the whimsicality of Martin's designs serves as a bridge back to the joy and playfulness of youth.

Since her debut in 2016, Madeline has captivated an audience that finds resonance in her celebration of playfulness, grace, and the nuanced beauty of femininity. "Spring Passage" is a reflection of her evolving journey, a testament to her unwavering dedication to exploring these themes with depth and sincerity.

In hosting "Spring Passage'' within the Flou Showroom, Denote Gallery and Flou come together to create a space that transcends traditional art exhibition norms. This unique setting not only complements the aesthetic and thematic elements of Martin's work but also reinforces our shared vision of making contemporary art more accessible and engaging for a wider audience.

As we open our doors for the exhibition, we invite you to join us in this immersive experience, where art and design converge to celebrate the transformative power of creativity. Through Madeline Martin's visionary lens, "Spring Passage" becomes more than an exhibition—it becomes a journey back to the essence of play, wonder, and the intricate dance of life's polarities. A passageway into the spring season. 

We eagerly anticipate your presence at the opening reception, where the art of Madeline Martin will be surrounded by the beauty and innovation of Flou's design. Together, we will celebrate the art of the possible, the joy of creativity, and the enduring allure of femininity. RSVP is required to ensure a personalized and enriching experience for every guest. Limited capacity.

Join us in this celebration, and be part of a moment that promises to inspire and delight for years to come.





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