Denote Gallery presents fresh opportunities for collecting contemporary artworks. 

Partnered with the hottest artists and elevated brands, Denote Gallery represents a new in-road into the impenetrable contemporary arts market… an alternative path for artists to confidently emerge in the art world and reach collectors differently. 

Founded in 2024 and proudly headquartered in NYC, Denote Gallery embodies an evolution of thinking in the art world beyond traditional gallery settings. Operating via a distributed gallery model, we highlight artwork in unique ways – online and in beautiful commercial spaces throughout New York City. 

We are eroding the very real barriers to entry into the contemporary arts market.

Our curated collections provide opportunities artist with opportunities for career progression and direct income from artwork sales. Collaborating and acting as a representative for these artists, we ensure their vision is maintained and the collection offering is an overall success. We do this by providing ongoing support throughout the process – everything from negotiating with brands to selecting artworks to advertising to helping price works appropriately. We truly form partnerships with the artists we represent.

Our clients trusts we curate the best art being made today.


Contact us at info@denotegallery.com if you’d like Denote Gallery to be your trusted gallery partner. Or visit our FAQs page to learn more about collecting with Denote Gallery.